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Flock Together: From Startup to Stardom

4Penguins invests at Seed and Series A stage

Provide further Startup and Scaleup Support Services

Based in the US and UK

Flexibility & Scalability

Better Collaboration

4penguins startups seed investment

What We Offer(Lets ask what you want?)

Are you looking for Seed Investment?

Are you looking for Series A Investment?

Do you need mentors or just one off help?

Are you looking to Mentor one of our portfolio?

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Seed Investment

Ready to propel your business growth? Submit your deck for investment review – let's collaborate on the best funding strategy for your vision

series a investment

Series A Investment

4penguins help

Startup, Founder, Scaleup Help

Let's build success together. Get tailored advisory, troubleshooting, and investment process support to achieve your startup's goals.

Propel your Series A round and beyond. Submit your deck; our expertise in scaling startups can optimize your funding strategy

metor a startup

Become a Mentor

Click to explore how you can become a guiding force as a 4Penguins mentor to our promising portfolio companies.

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Untitled design (5).png

Our Small But Growing Portfolio (It all takes a bit of time to grow)

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4penguins investment

More about 4Penguins

At 4Penguins, we stand with startups not just in spirit, but in action. Inspired by the collaborative and resilient nature of penguins, we invest in promising ventures and guide entrepreneurs through the challenges of raising seed and Series A investments. Our commitment extends beyond direct funding; if we're not the right fit, we'll leverage our extensive network to find someone who is. We offer strategic advice, mentorship, and a pathway to growth and innovation. Partner with 4Penguins, where every frosty challenge is an opportunity for success, and every entrepreneur finds the support they need to thrive.

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